2022 International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy(UPRE 2022)
Prof. Jing Gao

Gao Jing, Doctor of management, a young scholar in Bayu, has worked in Southwest University for 15 years. In 2017, she visited the Business School of the University of Birmingham in the UK, mainly research the ecological economics of rural regional economic development. She presided two national projects "Research on the mechanism and Countermeasures of returning home and entrepreneurship enabling Rural Revitalization",and she published than 50 papers,4 academic monographs, such as《How Does the Land Transfer Affect the Income of Small Farmers: Logical Explanation of Reason and Thousand Data Check》《Research on Protection the Rights and Interests of Land-Transfer Peasant:Satisfaction Degree and Protection Strategy》 published on the journal 《China Soft Science Magazine》.